Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A new venture...

Hello & welcome.  A brief explanation of what I'm doing here & why: I love food, there's no two ways about it. Given that I also love to talk about food and I often get asked for my recipes, it seems like a good idea to write them down as and when they happen & put them all in one place.

My love of cooking & eating goes back as long as I can remember.  Watching my dad & later helping him in the kitchen when I was a child sparked my first bursts of inspiration & excitement.  He made (and still makes) the most wonderful, generous and happy food - melting slow roasted pork belly, cassoulet, amazing roast chicken and just the best bacon & eggs in the world.  He also gave me my first taste of Parma ham among other things for which I will be eternally grateful! My dad taught me to love food and inspired my belief that food is about sharing, nurturing, enjoying and indulging. 

My happiest days now are spent pottering around our kitchen with my other half (henceforth referred to as Best Beloved) fending off the scrounging cats and putting meals together or mooching around the farmer's market & local shops looking for nice things with which to potter about & put meals together.  We're lucky enough to live in an area with plenty of excellent independent shops selling great local produce and we make the most of them at every possible opportunity.

We are both enthusiastic carnivores but have made the decision that all the meat we eat must be free range and ideally organic (biodynamic best of all).  As this is fairly challenging when out & about or eating on the hoof (sorry, awful pun), we often find ourselves going veggie these days and are very much enjoying the discovery that vegetarian food can be just as stimulating and exciting as meat-eating. 

So, though my presentation skills leave a lot to be desired and recipes in my world are for reading rather than following, people do seem to enjoy what I put in front of them and often come back for seconds, thirds and sometimes forths so I hope that by sharing the recipes (guidelines really), I can share the fun & enjoyment!

Bon appetit...


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