Sunday, 11 November 2012

Spicy Pumpkin liqueur - the genesis

So, having been inspired by writing about Christmas drinks past I thought I'd post very briefly about the beginnings of my new project.

Having read on the great Food52 about the rather delicious sounding Butternut Squash 5-spice Liqueur, I had a quick look around my kitchen and realised I had all the ingredients to make something vaguely similar myself.  I had a knobbly little pumpkin we got from the nice biodynamic fruit & veg stall at the Crew's Hill Farmers' Market last week and had forgotten about, some left over mulling syrup (see below for the recipe) in the fridge and about quarter of a bottle of vanilla vodka - an excellent start. 

I chopped up the pumpkin into roughly inch square pieces and put them in a roasting dish with 5 whole cloves, a cinnamon stick and a red chilli then roasted them in a medium oven for about 40 minutes until they were soft but not falling apart.

Into a nice big Kilner jar the whole lot went, topped up with a 700ml bottle of plain Absolut vodka and about 80ml of the vanilla Absolut for good measure. 

All I need to do now is wait patiently for 2-3 weeks, drain the vodka, add the mulling syrup & with any luck a new seasonal liqueur will be born.  Watch this space...

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