Sunday, 9 December 2012

Spiced Pumpkin liqueur - the end result

So, the roast pumpkin, along with the chilli, cinnamon stick and scattering of cloves I roasted with it have been steeping in vodka now for four weeks.  The liquid itself is a rather uninspiring pale orangy-brown but tastes gloriously of roasted pumpkin with a fine fiery kick from the chilli.

Having strained the pumpkin out with a normal strainer & discarded all the solids, we strained the flavoured spirit through four layers of muslin into a large mixing bowl where I added the mulled syrup, also strained through the muslin (see earlier post for syrup recipe) in order to turn it from rather tasty but eye-watering firewater into an enjoyable little sipping tipple.

Straining the firewater
The dregs - delicious but deadly!

Filling the bottles

Though the resulting liqueur is still the rather uninspiring colour of weak orange cordial, it really is delicious! 

The end result

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  1. Itching to try this one Anna - where did you procure your mulled wine syrup from and can you tell me if it contains fruit extract of any kind? I want to make this for my little sister, who is horribly allergic to fruit.